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Great game to pass the time

Totally worth $4. Levels are short enough to complete on a break. Cute story. 2 endings. Easy to play. Variety of spells and skills to use. Can't wait for a sequel!


When I played I had one thought. It's just like Pokémon games online.

Great game, a little short

I bought the package with 4 games, so it was definitely worth the money

Great game

With some character limitations


Good old school game


I LOVE this game best I've ever played

Awesome game

This game is one of the best I have ever had by far best thing to come out of the App Store

Good RPG for the money

I got the game when it was on sale for 99 cents. My only complaint is that there isn't an overworld to speak of. You go from town directly to the dungeon.

I've got nothing else to say but good.

A really great rpg game so far. The visuals, graphics, and battle systems are quite similar to Silver Nornir. I'll keep playing the game while listening to the story as well as the interesting characters in the game...

Pretty good love the fighting style

I like the fighting and the story is pretty good

Kinda disappointed with the true end

*SPOILERS* First off I REALLY like this game it surprised me with how well the story was at first and the characters not being too cliche HOWEVER near the end of the game it started to feel like it was rushed and after I got to the true ending I was really upset for one reason Lill She was completely forgotten by everyone even the 2 main characters and their father and I was hoping the wishing stones they found would bring her back since they wished for the 4 of them to be back together but nope didn't happen instead they are all happy and cheerful and the ending cuts off without even mentioning her once talk about some family it's a shame she died the way she did I was hoping she would join the party and it's even worse she was left out of what should've been a happy ending. To me the ending would've been a lot better if she was brought back by the wishing stones (which were pretty much for nothing since the wish was for the FOUR of them to be together again) to live with them or even just a tiny bit better if they mentioned her or atleast made some kind of grave for her in front of their home. That is my only major gripe with the game and I would've given it 5 stars if Lill was in the true ending and that the wishing stones or whatever were more important and I feel pretty empty now I beat the game and seeing that rushed scene we know as the "true end"

Average Joe

Hands down the best aspect of the game was the battle mechanics. The skills, the special skills (i.e. limit breaks), exploiting enemy weakness and debuffs was indeed a treat. However, the storyline and the music was a major disappointment for me. The villain sprite and development was effeminate and insipid. Apart from Rett, and maybe Mitoshiro, the rest of the characters did not leave any lasting impression on me. The pacing was great up until the midway, then afterwards it felt rushed. If you enjoy a game with great battle mechanics this is the game for you, otherwise don't buy it! For me to put it generously the game was at best average.

Very nice! Story moves quickly too.

I never had time to get bored. Level ups moved fast with minimal grinding and the story was simple, but very entertaining. Gameplay (the revelation thing) was unique and that also added to the game. 5-stars no question.

great game

Awesome graphics, fun gameplay, and a good story so far.


Good game so far!

So far so good, could be better

Finally had the time to beat it. Took less than 6 hours to complete both endings. Which is fine fine for the price. The story is good. The gameplay is simple enough for anyone to pick up and start playing. My biggests complaint though is the story. Just like chronus arc (don't care if not made by same people in kemco and too lazy to check), the world is too small and the story starts great then feels very rushed midway and super rushed at the end. The ending of the game was kind of meh as well. I was expecting much more with rad'ie and kalius and I was hoping Lill would have been part of the second ending. She seems completely forgotten about endgame despite being the in the event just before it. Overall I'd give this 3 stars. This game is worth playing for jrpg veterans and newbies alike... Just don't expect too much at the end. Still very enjoyable though.

Best rpg in my opinion

This is without a doubt the best game I've played that's an rpg, love every min of this!!


Great game. Love kemco

Decent Old School

Enjoyable old school game. Old school rpg games are my favorite. Just needs to be a little more challenging.

Fun game

It's not a masterpiece sure to become one of the great classics of the RPG genera... but for less than $10 what do you expect? For the cost, it's a lot better than half the new crap out there.


It's a great game very addicting


Good game

Great game


Fortuna Magus

Update: I finished. Epic story, epic game. My only complaint is that it ended :(. I didn't want this game to end!!! It wasn't as long as Chrome Wolf (my time on Magus is around 7 hours) but it was still amazing. I wish more people made this kind of game. Original: I'm currently 2-3 hours in at the time of writing this review, but already this game is amazing. This normally isn't my type of game (no guns or tanks lol) but I'm starting to get into Japanese stuff so I decided to try it and was very pleasantly surprised. Epic story with awesome characters and dialog, great battle system, and, for this kind of game, great graphics. I will update this review when I beat the game, but this is definitely a must-buy for fans of Japanese RPG games. Also check out "RPG Chrome Wolf" made by the same developer. That game was what got me into this game style (plus it has tanks lol).

Pew pew

Amazing game I'm havin a lot of fun playing it I wish It was a lil more challenging. But still great game


Very fun old school rpg just wish it was longer


Old school style RPG. Good times.

Awesome game!

I'm about 3 hours in and so far this app has fascinated me. The pacing is perfect and there is very little grinding. Very pretty art and great story. 5/5!

Another Kemco Gem

Every time Kemco releases a new RPG. I make sure to pick it up. If you're a fan of SNES era RPGs this is for you.

hooked hooked

So far so good, keep it up :)

Ok game but not great (yet)

Characters' life/sp doesn't regenerate when levelling up, which is a hindrance since you're left conserving your sp, making playing using magic not as fun as it could be.

Not bad, not great but not bad

Decent little mobile game and JRPG, just wish there was a bit more challenge to it. Aside from the first boss or two and the last one this game is incredibly easy. End game content was also fairly easy par one cheap boss that inflicts Death on whole party. Story wise pretty standard JRPG fare with not much to surprise you but the characters are fairly likable unlike some JRPGs I've played. Overall, decent time waster when on the train or something and enjoyable. I look forward to whatever you developers make next if you read this :D!


Very generic, short, and repetitive. Cheesy, predictable story. Feels like it was thrown together in rpgmaker. Pretty sure these 5-star reviews must be friends/employees or fake accounts, it's insane to give this game 5 stars. The only saving grace is that you're not constantly being bombarded to pay for microtransactions.

Love it!

Great game so far, worth the money and the story keeps me interested, it's not very Grindy and maps arn't too long so it has decent pacing. Recommend any reading this to get this game ASAP


What does this item do? Can't use it anywhere.

Great Game

Very engaging storyline and enjoyable gameplay. Worth checking out!

Awesome game

The storyline is good, the characters are awesome, I play this game for a little bit and I love it. Keep making more awesome games like this Kemco. You guys doing good job.


I love the game so far just beat it trying to beat it again for the oops...don't wanna spoil it but fun took me 4 hours to beat

Like the characters

Started playing, I like the characters and the storyline so far.

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